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Source: HIMALAYA / Weight: 250gr
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The Himalayan salt is pure and clean untouched by many of the toxins and pollutants that pervade the salt ocean.
Classes are superior to traditional iodized salt and the Himalayas is known as "white gold".

 Health benefits

  • It controls and regulates water levels in the body by combating fluid retention
  • Regulates blood sugar AIM
  • Rejuvenates cells
  • Removes toxins
  • Fights the signs of aging
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Normalizes digestion
  • It helps in better absorption of nutrients of food within the intestinal tract.
  • Contribute to healthy blood vessels and blood circulation
  • Sets the pressure
  • Contribute to the healthy functioning of the respiratory system
  • Reduces muscle cramps
  • Strengthens bones
  • Reduces sleep disorders
  • Increases Libido

Compared with the common chemically treated salt:

  • Prevents cellulite
  • Reduces chances of developing rheumatism and arthritis
  • Reduces the chances of developing kidney stones and bile
  • Himalayan salt powder ( sysk.1 kg ) , which is 100 % pure crystalline salt has the highest mineral content ( containing 84 minerals ) .
  • Removes toxins
  • Helps digestion
  • Combats water retention
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relieves skin conditions and helps hydrate the skin

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