Methods of payment

For your best convenience, you can use one of the following payment methods:

Credit card
You can make your payment with absolute security and confidentiality using a Visa / Mastercard, easily and quickly.
The card details are entered directly into the Viva Payments website.

Your credit card number and any other elements of your card (CCV2, expiration date, etc.) are not held in our databases for compelling security reasons.

Clearing is automatic when Credit Card is selected as a shipping method and your order is immediately executed.

Cash on delivery
In addition, an extra charge of 2 € per shipment is charged on the order.

Bank Deposit
By depositing in one of the following accounts, indicating the name / surname and no. order:

EFG Eurobank 
IBAN: GR2402604580000410100429237
Account Holder: Efstathiou Christos

National Bank of Greece
IBAN: GR7901104880000048893684935
Account Holder: Efstathiou Christos

Piraeus Bank
IBAN: GR8001721540005154088413992
Account Holder: Efstathiou Christos

Alpha Bank
IBAN: GR64 0140 2150 2150 0278 9000 044
Account Holder: Efstathiou Christos

If Bank Deposit is selected as a method of payment, your order will begin to run immediately after confirmation of the deposit. This can be from 1 to 5 days depending on the bank’s outgoing and incoming policy. For the quicker execution of the order you can send us the proof of the deposit to the email

If you use web banking you can deposit the amount and send us the receipt of the deposit by email at